Professioanl BDSM Basics:

BDSM Services vs. Sexual Services

BDSM and fetish represent explorations of a different type of stimulation than those offered by sexual service providers. Kink and fetishes are an exploration of the mind and can also contain elements of power exchange and control. All of these things come in many forms and can incorporate many types of activities. Sexual service providers provide sexual services for money. Providing BDSM and fetish based services requires skills and training. Sexual services are more base in the knowledge required for performance.

What is a BDSM Professional?

A BDSM Professional is a person who is enthusiastic about kink and fetishes and enjoys the elements of BDSM that encompass BDSM scenes. When a person has reached a level of skill or experience, that person may decide to start charging a fee for others to participate in their scenes. BDSM Professionals are focused on skills and psychology not sex and release. A true BDSM Professional can be recognized without claim, BDSM Professionals truly enjoy what they do and take great pride in improving those abilities.

What is a Sex Professional?

A Sex Professional is someone who offers sexual services for money. Although some may claim to be Dommes or subs, the primary differentiator is that BDSM Professionals do NOT offer sexual services (a.k.a. "Full-service" or "oral"), where a Sex Professional does offer sexual services. Sex Pros focus on sexual content, release and other elements of sex. This is generally because they do NOT possess the skills that are associated with authentic BDSM scenes.

What is a Domme?

A Domme is someone who enjoys playing the role of Dominatrix or "Top". A Domme runs a scene and instructs a submissive during a scene. A Domme does training, gives punishment and provides rewards.

What is a sub?

A sub is someone who enjoys playing the role of submissive or "bottom". A sub participates in a scene and receives instructions from a "Top" during a scene. A sub is trained, receives punishment and receives rewards.

What is a switch?

A switch is someone who enjoys playing both "Top" and "bottom" roles. A switch will play both sides and has the ability to give and receive.

What is a dungeon?

A dungeon is a space that is dedicated to BDSM and fetish related activities. Dungeons have furniture, equipment, implements, rope and other accessories needed for running a proper BDSM scene.

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